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Project for Montréal with the support of FONCA-Conacyt and Conseil des artes et des lettres Québec. May-Sep 2012
work in process
08-Underlyng Patterns-People-IV05-Trama-Subyacente-People-IUnderlying-Patterns-People-of-Montreal-I-detail-web06-Underlying Patterns-People-IIUnderlying-Patterns-People-of-Montreal-IIIUnderlying Patterns-Arch-III-by-Icetrip
Underlying Patterns-Arch-I-by-IcetripUnderlying Patterns-ArchUnderlying Patterns - ArchUnderlying Patterns - ArchUnderlying Patterns-plants-01Underlying Patterns-Plants-II-by-Icetrip
Underlying Patterns-Nature-and-landscape-IV-by-IcetripCosmogonic-MandalaUnderlying Patterns - Cosmogonic-MandalaUnderlying Patterns - Dra(gro)wingsUnderlying Patterns-Dra(gro)wings-IUnderlying Patterns - Absences
Underlying Patterns - 100-days-mixed-media-20x30cm2012Underlying Patterns - AusenciasUnderlying Patterns - AusenciasUnderlying Patterns - process-3Underlying Patterns-process-2Underlying Patterns-process-1

Underlying Patterns | Montréal, Québec, a set on Flickr.

Series by Icetrip

I've been working on digital constructed images, the mixture of abstract graphic elements and photography about people, architecture, biodiversity and transportation in the urban context.

The results are eclectic images that talks about diversity, every element has the same level of importance, a virtual world where someone can stay next to their opposite one, a vital population that lives peacefully in crowded environments; and the abstract drawings interacting are metaphors about a parallel world, an invisible pattern of molecules, atoms, flux of energy that connects everything to create a image with several layers of meaning.

I believe that all the things that exists and every manifestation of life are made of the same elements, there are a real connection between objects, plants and human beings.

Underlying Patterns is about creation as a necessity and the relation between rational mind and intuition; thoughs about the origin of life are involved, this artwork is a personal cosmogony to explain and share my conception about the meaning of being alive.

The universe is still expanding, exploding, transforming and mixing elements to create new ones, my work pretend to be part of this pulse.

Underlying Patterns series is the result of a residency in the city of Montréal, is an exploration of a new context, trying to find the invisible patterns that brings identity , uniqueness of a city, and the observation of the multicultural diversity in the population, their energy, movility, their regular activities, distinctive buildings and biodiversity.

I believe that there is more similarities between cultures than differences, all we are connected by something that can be called energy, atoms, molecules, patterns, etc. Showing metaphorically all this connections i pretend to create images related with every spectator no matter what genre, religious belief, age or political agenda they have.





Is a project to make an animation 2D with graphic patterns discovered in the city of Montréal, besides a Photographic series of the city, architecture, bio diversity and the people. The printings will be re-worked with drawings on the surface to generate new interpretations of the city and their invisible patterns as a metaphoric parallel activity of an underlying world saturated with graphic elements that generates movement, connection and energy between all components of a city. The project starts in Mexico City with the series: "Trama Subyacente" (images above) that obtains an honorific mention at the First International Image Festival: FINI 2011, in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.