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Drawings are the primal impulse to translate a concept, are the simplest and quickly way to communicate an idea. This project is a graphic exploration about the words and its meaning. If we talk about energy i try to imagine what it looks like and explore all the possibilities of integration in the surface, between concepts and elements.

Like in the previous experience of "Underlyng Worlds" i try to create an energetic place that make you feel part of it.

Long Stories for Perm 2012
Theme of the festival: Visual Poetry

Festival of contamporary art on concrete fences, residential and industrial constructions in Perm, Russia.

Realisation of selected projects from 1 to 30 May, 2012 with a help of volunteers under the guidance of the author
Opening of a project – May 31, 2012

The theme of the festival “Visual Poetry” is synchronous to the property of Perm being a “Library capital” of the Perm region in 2012. Artists will deploy the visual equivalents of poetry on a multimater concrete fences. Projects will focus on the expression of the poetic text – rhythm, structure and texture of the verse. Long stories for Perm will be consisted of a visual image of the text, of the relationship of artists to the verse, word, letter as to the image. The theme of the festival is a challenge for the participants, not only because the artistic projects should be formulated for extremely non- standart elongated horizontal format of concrete fences, encircling the industrial facilities in Perm, but also because the art projects will have to coexist and resist in spontaneous and agressive in many ways grafic and font environment of the city (visual identics and navigation, outdoor adverizements, running lines, signs).