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Drawings are the basic translation of an idea, are the simplest and quick way to communicate a concept. This project is a graphic exploration about the energy, particles, patterns and human
intervention in cosmos.

All we are made of same elements even plants, animals, mountains and human beigns are part of a same origin. "Underlying worlds" is the graphic representation of this parallel worlds, the
invisible patterns, lines of integration between elements, i try to create an energetic place that make you feel part of it.

Theme of the festival: Speed of color

SPEED. Perm city is quiet long and it needs to accelerate. Colorful and dynamic visual stories, that are located along major routes, should help to "speed up" the urban space and make familiar
routes more interesting, emotionally rich and fast.

COLOR. Perm for today is colorless city, and it needs color accents. Hue and saturation, contrast and intensity, temper and dynamic of color. We offer artists, use all the opportunities of
chromatic power and expression to change the structure and the emotional coloration of urban public spaces

SPACE. Speed of color – that is not just a slogan play with speed of light therm. Perm is the launch pad of Russian space program: 50 anniversary of it to be celebrated this year. We are expecting
that the theme of outer space could become an interesting starting point in the visual stories that will be offered by artists to the Perm city and its residents. The last thing we expect – a literal
illustrations "On the anniversary of Space program". What the space is for everyone? Only a starry sky in the window for ones, the third cosmic speed and travel to other planets for others, or maybe
for somebody – a family story about father, the mechanic at the jet engines factory.