Nobody is free of the sadness and sorrow, the dark periods in our lives can bring us the opportunity
to be better human beings. SELFPortrait video talks about a personal journey, intimate sadness
transformed into image, motion, sound, emotional landscapes to understand and celebrate the inner
transformation. The sky sometimes give us the inspiration or the answer to our existencial anguish.

SELFPortrait by Icetrip
Music: "Portrait" by Vicmardi / Performed by Vicmardi
Locations: Mexico City & Patzcuaro
© ICETRIP 2010

* HEP FACE INSTALLATION | Portugal 2010 | curated by Alberto Guerreiro
Gonçalves Sapinho Cultural Center, Benedita Alcobaça, Portugal | 7 to 15 May 2010

* Festival de Fotografía y Video: EL ARTE ES UN VIAJE miradas creativas en torno al calentamiento global
muestra itinerante en la Ciudad de México del 3 al 14 de noviembre 2010.